Top 5 Favorite Rom-Coms

Sometimes we are in the mood for a thriller or drama but other times, we just want to sit back, relax and enjoy a classic romantic comedy while eating oreos and ice cream on the couch.

Browse through my current top 5 favorite Rom-Com movies to feel the nostalgia.


1. Pretty Woman

“Baby, I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna wanna let me go.”


2. Sleepless in Seattle

"You don’t want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie."


3. Roman Holiday

“Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.”


4. Notting Hill

"Surreal, but nice"


5. The Seven Year Itch

 "Hey, did you ever try dunking a potato chip in champagne? It's real crazy!"


What is your current favorite Romantic Comedy movie? Let me know below.


By Neta,

Belanima 🖤 


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