Belanima returns you to a classic era of chic and timeless style.

Launched in 2020 by founder Netanela Schmidt, Belanima is a lifestyle and contemporary fashion boutique centered around bringing out the modern woman and enhancing her versatility. Coined from the Italian words "bella" and "anima" meaning beautiful soul, Belanima is an ode to Netanela's late mother who exuded this worldly charm.

With a core focus on the warmth of classic styles and nostalgic allure, each Belanima brand is handpicked to deliver a heightened and luxurious experience.

Focusing on a thoughtful selection of ethical brands and ethically made garments, Belanima prioritizes the relationship between style and sustainability. In a fast-fashion world, Belanima instead places emphasis on the timeless wonder and beauty of true style. 

The Belanima woman is full of grace and poise, turning heads but always with a playful spark in her eye. Whether London, New York or Paris-inspired, she cultivates a presence that remains long after she has left.