Partially lined dress with a sheer bodice and lined skirt. You can pair this dress with either a lace bra, bustier top or plain tight singlet.

The best color for the bra or singlet would be white or nude to pair best with Moet (white), grey or black to pair with the Dusk colorway (grey).

The mesh fabric has slight stretch but should be considered non stretch for sizing purposes.

The best way to ascertain if the fit is ok, is to sit down in the dress when trying it on. It should feel snug but if you have difficulty sitting comfortably you should probably go up a size. Expect that the mesh will give a little after wearing the dress, so you may find it will stretch slightly to fit.

You should hand wash this dress due to the delicate nature of the mesh and the application of the beads. It is usual to notice a few stray beads come loose after wearing or washing, this won't affect the overall appearance of the dress.

You should take care when sitting on any rough surfaces or when wearing bags with chain straps. Most high quality chain straps will not catch on fabric, but you should take care to ensure your accessories don't catch or pull the delicate mash fabric.

This dress would be considered medium level care required.

The waistband is structured so it's best to make sure you have worked out your size.